Member Marketing

Cardgains continues to develop through its marketing initiatives and activities, which take place throughout the year. The Cardgains marketing calendar has proved effective and a benefit to both members and suppliers.

Some activities cater for both parties, whilst others aim to develop either the member and their store, or the supplier and their distribution.

The 2019 programme focuses on:

“Cardgains...still evolving and celebrating 30 years"!

Cardgains Marketing initiatives and events include:


Just A Card Campaign

Do you wish more people who visited your shop actually bought something?  Do you wish they appreciated how vital every sale is to your business?  You’re not alone - thousands of independent shop owners have added their voice to the JUST A CARD campaign to shout as one,


The campaign emphasises that all purchases however small, even 'just a card, are crucial to independents. 

We know just how valuable every sale is, not only to independent shops but to their suppliers too.  Whilst compliments mean the world, only sales are the difference between boarded up shops and vibrant, diverse towns. 

Here at Cardgains, we joined the campaign in 2018 and are passionate about spreading the simple yet powerful message that just a card, just a book, just a candle, just a gift makes such a difference!  People say it has changed the way they shop.  There's a huge groundswell of support for the campaign and the shop window stickers are popping up around the country.   Shop owners say customers now sit up and think – instead of leaving empty handed they make a purchase when they read the sticker/poster.

There is also an inspirational online presence, using the hashtag #justacard, running events in support of Independents.   The benefits of Social Media are also a great benefit; such an inexpensive yet powerful tool.  The website ( has details of the campaign, initiatives and no nonsense advice on how to promote your business.

We love the diversity and creativity of independent shops and urge you to display a JUST A CARD shop window sticker - not simply to encourage people to support your business, but for the good of everyone who puts their heart and soul into running a shop. 

To buy a sticker click here


Monthly newsletter

Featuring industry and Cardgains news stories, supplier updates, launches and features. A printed copy is circulated to members with their monthly statement.

You can either view on line or download to keep up to date:

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Social Media

We're now live on Twitter under the guise of our marketing character Cyril Service.
Please 'follow' the twitter feed and see what Cyril's got to say! @CyrilService


Cyril Service now has his own Facebook page.
Please visit Please like his page,  Cyril Service at Cardgains, and we'll share your details too!


Cardgains Village at Spring Fair

Cardgains will be exhibiting at Spring Fair 2019 with an eclectic mix of suppliers in Hall 3, stand L10/M11.  The show runs fron Sunday 3rd to Thursday 7th February.



New Member Welcome Goodie Bag

This is hand delivered to new members after six months trading allowing product presentation and review of samples, presented by the Cardgains sales team.