The System

Cardgains operates a very simple system in a monthly cycle.

Retailers order from suppliers and receive product direct with an invoice in the normal way, with the negotiated discount applied.

On the 10th of each month members will receive an individual statement, showing all the previous month’s deliveries from all the suppliers. (As of Jan 2022 statements are being sent via email).

Members settle their account in full by the 18th of the month.

If the members have any queries on their account, they have between the 10th and 18th of the month to rectify the problems with the help of their dedicated book-keeper at head office.

In order for the system to work effectively, members have to understand their commitment to pay their statement by the designated date. If not, they are letting down the other members and the Cardgains concept as a whole. On each trading member’s statement, the monthly management charge of £20 is added when the system is used.

Members have access to their statement online via the "'Member Statement'" tab.