Benefits of Membership

Cardgains is a trading division of Bridewell UK, which was established in 1984. The Board of Directors consists of 2 executive directors and 2 non-executive directors who are trading members.

Bridewell UK and Cardgains are solely owned by the retail members who have chosen to buy shares. There are 188,000 shares in circulation across both Bridewell UK and Cardgains members. A dividend is issued to all shareholders each year dependent on the success of the Company through the trading year.

All the suppliers in the portfolio offer preferential trading terms to members. These are negotiated using the vast membership to ensure they exceed deals normally available to the independent retailer.

To view the membership benefits as a pdf click here.

Cardgains Bonus Opportunities

In addition to the negotiated discounts, Cardgains offers a member retro bonus scheme. This means that the total turnover through a member’s account equates to one turnover figure, even if the member has multiple shops. The bonus is paid back to members in March of the following year. Members can monitor their progress monthly via their monthly statement.

Any member suspended throughout the year will not qualify for a Cardgains member bonus.

Supplier Bonus Opportunities

In addition to the Cardgains bonus scheme, some suppliers in the portfolio also offer bonus schemes.  To view 2024 supplier retro's click here.

The Charges

Cardgains Joining Fee.
Cardgains Monthly Management Charge.
(charged only if the account is used that month)

There is a 2% surcharge imposed if a payment is late