Bridewell UK & Cardgains Coronavirus Update

Friday 3rd April 2020

Dear Member,

Firstly, we hope everyone is keeping well and staying safe in this very difficult period.

Our ‘working from home’ team has, this week, continued working with our suppliers regarding the one-month statement break designed to assist members over the next few weeks; with the next statement being scheduled for the 10th of May for payment on the 18th May. (This could be a statement sent on email).

Members wishing to make a payment

We do have options for members who have already contacted us, who:

  1. Wish to pay some monies for old invoices.
  2. Would like to pay, if possible, in April as usual
  3. Are members who are classed as ‘essential’ stores who continue to trade and support local communities.

For all paying in purposes our bank details are as follows:

Barclays Bank

Sort code:                20 76 97

A/C No:                     53180484

Paying in ref:          Your Bridewell UK or Cardgains member number

If you would actually like a statement for March invoices by email, please request one from and we will arrange for one to be sent to you. Any requested statements would obviously only include invoices from companies who have continued working and have managed to get a statement to us, so may not be a final amount due.

The team have also worked tremendously hard this week with the task of trying to contact all our 1000 plus members of our buying groups, trying to ensure everyone is aware of our COVID-19 action plan.

Telephone calls were made to every single member who previously was not registered with us via email.

From these telephone contacts, members who answered were updated and asked to ‘Cardgains website watch’ for future information and register their email address.

Where shops were closed, messages were left on answerphones where possible.

We do unfortunately have 72 members who we couldn’t get a message to.  We will of course continue to try to get everyone on the email register. If you are reading this update and you are not receiving emails, please register on the ‘COVID-19 email reg.’ tab above.

Contact changes from Monday 6th APRIL

Like many of our suppliers, where possible we will continue reducing the number of staff in our business, using the Government’s furlough scheme.

From Monday, our team contactable via email are:

Accounts:                Steve


Sales & Marketing:   Chris


Please continue to stay safe and keep an eye on this website.

To the members still open and helping the local community, thank you and well done.

Chris & Steve

Joint Managing Directors

Bridewell UK & Cardgains

Monday 30th March

Dear Member,

As promised, we are trying to keep everyone up to date where possible via direct email and on this site, as we continue through this very difficult period.

If you are not on our email list and would like to be included in all member updates, please click either the ‘Cardgains Email Sub.’ or ‘Bridewell UK Email Sub.’ tab above and fill in the required email registration fields.

We will share any supplier and accounting updates as well as any useful business links we are aware of.

A link we received today was from a member, Cards & Gifts in Sheffield.  Although this is regional, we believe a local search for your area should/could find a similar scheme.

If anyone has found any other links or contact points that may be useful to fellow members, please send them so we can share with others.

Keeping in touch and assisting all members, and each other, is of the upmost importance as by working together we will all be wiser and stronger coming through this current crisis.

Some very kind words of appreciation, have been received from many members, supporting our actions and communication systems; thank you from all our team working at home.

Please scroll down to see the contact details for the staff who are working from home.

Take care everyone, we are here to help if we can.

In the meantime, stay safe and stay in if possible.

Steve Grocott and Chris Dyson

Joint Managing Directors & the Cardgains & Bridewell UK Team

Friday 27th March

Dear Member,

Following our previous communication advising of the negotiations we were having with suppliers regarding a 1-month statement delay I am pleased to say this has met with the approval of the majority of our suppliers. Where suppliers have been unable to agree to our request, we will pay those suppliers anyway on your behalf and collect via your statement at a later date.

This is obviously good news and shows the importance of us all working together.

Of course, the length of lockdown is unknown, and we are working towards being able to re-open shops in April and sending May statements out on 10th May.  However, this could change depending on Government advice, in which case we will advise you accordingly.

Please be assured no member ‘direct debits’ will be taken in April; no management charge will be applied, and no late payment surcharge will be levied.

Could we ask however that any monies due from outstanding old queries that have now been resolved be paid direct where possible into our bank:

Barclays Bank

Sort code:              20 76 97

A/C number:           53180484

Ref:                        Your Cardgains member number

We will continue to communicate as and when we have any developments and, like everyone, following all government guidelines.

We will also be updating this page daily with any changes.

The link below gives the latest update on how to claim under the Government’s Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme which you may find useful

As previously mentioned, you can use the links below to contact the staff who are working from home.

If your enquiry is relating to an accounts query, please contact our Accounts Manager, Debbie Levick

Alternatively, you can contact Steve Grocott, our Joint Managing Director

For Sales & Marketing contact Chris Dyson, our Joint Managing Director


Take care everyone, we are here to help if we can.

In the meantime, stay safe.

Steve Grocott and Chris Dyson

Joint Managing Directors

Cardgains & Bridewell UK


Welcome to Cardgains…

Cardgains is the largest buying group in the UK catering specifically for independent retailers within the greeting card, gift and associated products marketplace.

Cardgains has been trading since 1989, so is celebrating its 30th Anniversary in 2019. Over the years, Cardgains has helped 1000’s of independent retailers and membership remains constant.

Factors contributing to the success are the excellent support, relationship building and commitment from existing suppliers and members, as well as improved procedures and efficiency of account handling at Head Office.

More than ever, in difficult retailing conditions, Cardgains strives to assist members by focusing on areas where they can make a point of difference, including greeting cards, gifts and customer service. Cardgains also aims to encourage new members by showing them benefits of the preferential trading terms from within the portfolio and how to use them to optimum potential.