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Welcome to the Cardgains Web Shop.

This brand new iniative by your buying group marketing department is designed to bring together a number of suppliers from our portfolio for you to review and purchase a range of products from.

Product is delivered from either a collective distribution service called the 'Suppliers Webshop Ltd' who will act for us by managing the web shop, processing any orders placed by our members and delivering the product back to your shop.

Or alternatively some suppliers would like to showcase their product on the web shop, however have chosen to deliver any orders placed direct from their own warehouse.

These are called 'Market Place suppliers.' Currently the suppliers choosing to operate in this way are Grass Roots International, Paperrose & Portico. and as such they will set their own minimum order values and deliver goods separately to the SWS distributed suppliers. All other suppliers stock will come via SWS Ltd and are collectively subject to a min order value of £100 to avoid carriage charge.

Help Topics

Register your details prior to shop access.

To gain access to the web shop you must first tell us who you are (Cardgains member number) and set a user name and password of your choice. (Please note not to use charactors such as / ! ? * as part of your user or password set up as the system will not accept these and will show an error message, preventing you from registering).

Once you have completed this process you will submit the details to us, we will verify your account and send you an activation code.

You can view product without registering, but you cannot see supplier prices or purchase stock until your account is activated

Activate your account

To allow you to purchase from the shop, and once you have received a unique activation code by email from info@supplierswebshop.co.uk you can return to the 'ACTIVATE' page on the shop, enter the code into the field provided, and gain full access to the shop.

How to navigate the different menus to get the best out of your shopping experience

The menu system is kept very simple and allows you to choose either by product type (Greetings, Giftware, Wrap etc)or Supplier / Range. To navigate hold your mouse over the area you wish to review and a sub menu will show which will allow you to drill down to major / minor caption selections. Once you are at the level you wish to see just click your mouse and products will be revealed.

To drill down into the product detail click on the image and a large screen image will reveal and provide full detail of who is supplying the product, togther with price information….. (Note all prices shown are net of your Cardgains discount for the particular suppliers’ product).

Once you have products showing on the screen you can also scroll through pages by using the arrows on the bottom right of the screen to see full ranges.

How to select products

Once you locate a product you wish to order click on the ‘+’ button next to the item, which will turn red and change to a ‘-‘symbol. This product will now show in the basket to the right of the screen. You can click the item symbol ‘-‘again to take out of the basket if you wish. You can also click on the image to reveal full detail and order from this area by choosing ‘Add’

How to search for product 

You can either search products by using the menu options as explained above, or for a quick search use the ‘Power Search’ field in the top right hand corner of the shop. Here you can enter any keyword to reveal products or publishers immediately. Words such as ‘Mum’ ‘Son’ ‘Sister’ etc will show captions across all products that carry the word in either the title or text, supplier name, codes or almost any word entered will reveal a selection of product, so this is a good way to get you to where you want to get to…..FAST.

How the basket works 

The basket is spilt in two ways, to the top it will show products that are delivered via the SWS Ltd. distribution service, each time you order a product from a supplier who has product stored in our warehouse you will see it add to this section, to the bottom in red will be the minimum carriage paid order value for SWS supply, and below this a running total of the value of your order. Once you have reached the min order value (currently £100) the section will turn grey demonstrating that you have reached the minimum order required.

If you order a product from a supplier who is operating outside of the SWS distribution service (market place supplier) you will see another basket subtotal appear, with the name of the supplier at the top and their published minimum carriage paid order value (again in red) to the bottom.

How minimum orders from SWS (Suppliers web shop) and Market Place suppliers are calculated

The Minimum order values and any carriage charges are set by individual suppliers at their own discretion and not affected by us. These will be shown to the bottom of each section of the basket and at the check out stage, which allows you to consider if you wish to continue or discard the products ordered.

The SWS Ltd minimum order value if a single figure for an order that contains ALL SWS distributed suppliers (it is not a charge for each) therefore it should be very easy to order products from this area to meet minimun carriage paid orders.

How to download and connect to the Cardgains iPad/iPhone 'App' 

At last, a solution that brings all your Cardgains Web Shop 'participating' suppliers into an easy to browse App, so you can review ranges, captions and promotions whilst in your shop 'where in matters'.

The App, designed By Card Manager(c) is free to download at the iTunes app store by searching 'cm remote sales' and then connecting to the Cardgains web shop database....

To do this, Once you have downloaded the App, you will see a '+' sign to the bottom right of the home screen, Tap this to reveal a new page.

Here you will be required to complete connection details to the Cardgains server where the product images and data is stored.

Do this by entering the following

URL = Cardgains 

Site ID = cardgain1241 

Now return to the App home page and enter your Cardgains web shop User name, and Password (you must have already registered on the Cardgains Web shop to gain access to these). Now the App will synchronise data (this will take about 10 minutes on the first Sync, and just a few minutes at any time thereafter) and you will gain access to all participating suppliers as per the web shop, plus full history of your web shop transactions, and the facilities to place orders DIRECT from your shop. WHILST OFFLINE (no internet connection required).

Then when you return home you can connect to your home Wifi and send orders and synchronise your app data to refresh new products and suppliers. (NB. If you have a 3G enabled ipad or phone you can transmit orders directly from any location).

To get full instructions on how to operate the App, either email us at info@supplierswebshop.co.uk or pop the promo code in your basket with any order placed and we will email these to you directly.

Please do take a tour around the suppliers products that have assisted in the opening of the shop. They will be growing substantially over the coming weeks /months to cover more Gift, Stationery, Seasonal and Greetings ranges..... so do ensure you stop by on a regular basis to check it all out.

In the meantime if you need to ask a specific question please feel free to contact us by email at: info@supplierswebshop.co.uk

Thanks for your support

The Suppliers Web Shop Team, (Proud to be acting on behalf of your buying group Cardgains - Bridewell UK).